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Spring 2016:


"Microbiota and The Development of the Immune System

by Paula Cauhy

"Crohn's Disease

by Ritwik Bhatia

"Vagal Pathways for Microbiome-Brain-Gut Axis Communication"

by Darsh Shah


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The Scientific Future of Immortality


"From a scientific standpoint, immortality revolves around allowing one’s brain to continue functioning after the body ceases to exist. With the exploits of scientists like Randal Koene and Winfried Denk, as well as innovations in neuroscience technology, immortality might one day develop into a controversial reality."


Written by Ritwik Bhatia

Free Will


"Free will may just be a myth. Thankfully, a large body of scientists from physics and neuroscience has dedicated themselves to the idea of free will. They offer a wide variety of answers from a wide variety of viewpoints. The idea of empiricism proving free will started with physics during the quantum mechanics revolution and remains a highly divided topic for neuroscientists."


Written by Richard Diurba

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